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Date: October 13, 2017

Fresno, Calif. – The Grand Finale of the Tamejavi Cultural and Art Series is coming up on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 20 and 21 at Radio Park. This free two-day event will mark the culmination of an 18-month cultural and art experience that tells the stories of the Central Valley immigrants that play such an important role in our community.

The Tamejavi Culture and Arts Series (TCAS), presented by the Pan-Valley Institute, consists of public, story-based events featuring the visual arts, theater, dance, spoken word and cultural celebrations of local immigrant communities. Putting a voice to the nation's complex immigration problem and teaching fellows how to overcome the challenges they face is at the heart of the Tamejavi Culture and Arts Series.

"People Behind the Wall" will be one of several moving presentations to take place during the festival. Presented by a group of immigrants, some of who are DACA recipients, this multimedia exhibition will display memories and first-hand experiences of immigrants and refugees as they departed their homelands. This project is intended to deconstruct the myth that physical or symbolic walls (i.e. travel bans) are a central solution to the current complexities of immigration. Project organizers will construct a symbolic wall that acts as a bridge and unifying agent for people that seek refuge, peace and prosperity in the United States.

The public is invited to participate in this interactive project by bringing objects of significance from their own migration journeys, or by writing the names of people they know that perished while crossing the borders or as a result of their migration journey.

"The ultimate goal of the Grand Finale and presentations like 'People Behind the Wall' is for these stories to serve as the inspiration for building more welcoming communities – those that acknowledge immigrants new and old as positive contributors to the Valley's economic, social and cultural wellbeing," said Pan-Valley Institute Program Director Myrna Martinez Nateras.

For more on the Tamejavi Culture and Arts Series, please visit tamejavi.org or call (559) 222-7678.

Facebook Event: http://tinyurl.com/y75m95q5