Reginald C. Maduako

Born in Mbano, located in Imo State in the southern region of Nigeria. After finishing high school, he moved to the United States to advance his education. He is now a registered nurse and an artist. He inherited his artistic talents and cultural knowledge from his mother who instilled in him a love of Igbo culture and tradition. Reginald sings, dances and is a versatile musician who plays many instruments, including the flute, ogene, metal or wooden gong, udu and clay pot instruments. He is an experienced Masquerade and Ajari dancer. He is also a patron of his hometown choir, and choir director for the Igbo Choir at St. Paul Newman Center in Fresno. As part of the Igbo community in Fresno, Reginald helps maintain the Igbo culture. At their meetings, members wear cultural outfits, and carved African woods or statues are used to foster a sense of belonging and identity to their children. Reginald would like to see more accessible cultural and artistic offerings in the culturally diverse Central Valley. He expects to play a significant role as a teacher and promoter of the Igbo culture and traditions.