Walter Ramirez

Born in El Salvador. At the age of 16, he immigrated to the United States with his mother to live with an uncle in Fresno. As a Salvadorian immigrant, it was difficult being a minority within the minority. He felt discriminated against, not only from the Anglo community, but also from his own Latino community for being different. Walter has been involved in immigrants’ rights, and believes that comprehensive immigration reform is one of the most pressing issues affecting the Latino-Immigrant community. He is a member and volunteer for several organizations that seek to improve the quality of life for minorities through education, arts and culture. Walter is an active member of the Coalición Primero de Mayo por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes. He is also a member of Central Valley Place Matters, a national collaboration of organizations, researchers and universities looking for solutions to issues of institutional racism. He volunteers with Californians for Justice, a student-led organization dedicated to racial justice and a better quality education for students of color. Walter is also active in the Fresno arts scene, collaborating with local artists to create murals and promoting cultural music events for youth.