Tamejavi Festivals

Tamejavi 2006 - Gathering of Indigenous Cultures

On September 16, 2006, the Tamejavi Festival traveled outside Fresno—what started out as a mini-version of the Tamejavi Festival ended up as a large and very successful event. For the first time, indigenous peoples from the city of Madera proudly hosted Tamejavi at its beautiful Courthouse Park, located in the heart of the community. As in the past, this festival reflected the uniqueness of the organizers' many forms of creativity.

This time around, the festival included a parade in which participants walked through some of the streets of downtown Madera. The parade was definitely the highlight of the event because it allowed indigenous peoples living in Madera, as well as immigrants visiting from other communities and performing artists from out of town, to join together in proudly demonstrating to the public the richness of the culturally diverse landscape of the Central Valley.

In addition to the parade, Tamejavi Madera included an outdoor marketplace where music and dances, along with food and crafts, were exhibited. An array of forums and pláticas on pressing topics were held, along with poetry readings, comedy, videos, and other events that came alive during this one-day celebration.

We are certain that the festival will stand as a historic testament to the dedication and stories of immigrants and refugees in the Central Valley. It continues to enrich and strengthen the lives of these and other communities.