Tamejavi Festivals

Tamejavi 2007 - Hands That Forge History

On September 22, 2007, the fourth Tamejavi Festival convened at the Fresno Art Museum and Radio Park, in the heart of Central Fresno. Despite the constant threat of rain, spirits remained high among the performers, participants, festival goers, and the many staff members and volunteers who helped make the event possible.

Following its theme of "Hands That Forge History," the 2007 Tamejavi Festival featured on its main stage a variety of dance, music, and spoken word performances from many of the cultural groups that make up the diverse communities of the Central San Joaquin Valley. As in past years, one of the hallmarks of the festival was the Outdoor Market, made up of a Cultural Mall and Cultural Kitchen that is known for its variety of delectable food. Discussion groups—or pláticas—examining current issues facing the immigrant and refugee communities of the Central Valley were held inside the Fresno Art Museum. The Fresno Art Museum also housed the Tamejavi Film Series, which featured films and discussion with local, national, and international filmmakers.

Perhaps one of the most notable—and most impacting—additions to Tamejavi was the Time Tunnel, an exhibit featuring photos and other items of cultural significance to many of the immigrant, refugee, and other marginalized communities living in the Central Valley. The objective of the Time Tunnel was to shed light on the often untold and unknown stories of these communities, all of which have contributed significantly to not only the history of the Central Valley, but the history of the United States as well.

Contributors: Patshiab Lor, Jennifer Meinert, and Carol Tashjian